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What Are The Best Tips On How To Cut Tall Grass?

- Dec 04, 2018 -

What are the best tips on how to cut tall grass?


Use a brush cutter or a real farm tractor with a mower attachment (rather than a lawn mower)... This will knock very tall grass down to 6 inches or less.   Rake out the downed grass, again using a farmer tractor with a side-delivery rake-- or for small areas you can set a lawn mower high as possible, with mulch setting and the grass catcher bag attached-- of course a lawn tractor mower can be used for this step as well.  You have to empty the bag very very often and haul a lot of grass off somewhere.

Then as a final step, you can set your lawn mower (or lawn tractor mower) on high cut (3 + inches) and mow it normally to get the grass down to "high normal" lawn length. 

Of course I am presuming sort of unlimited capital equipment availability (and skill to use it).  If all you have is a 5-7 hp regular lawn mower, the best advice is: Don't ever let your grass get to be  a foot tall or more!   Failing that, most equipment rental places will have a brush cutter for rent that will knock down tall weeds and grass.

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