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What Are The Methods And Precautions For Logging Chain Sawing?

- May 23, 2018 -

What are the methods and precautions for logging chain sawing?

1. All operation instructions must be read in detail before the first use of the chain saw. Failure to observe the safety rules of the chain saw can lead to life danger.

2. Minors are not allowed to use chain saws.

3. Children, pets and bystanders should stay away from the job site so that the trees don't fall and hurt them.


4. Operating chain saw personnel must be in good condition, good rest, good health, good mental condition and timely rest, and can not use chainsaw after drinking.

5. Do not work alone and maintain proper distance from others in order to timely rescue in case of emergency.

6. According to the regulations, wear tight protective clothing and protective clothing and wear corresponding labor protection products, such as helmet, protective glasses, strong labor protection gloves, anti-skid and protective shoes, etc., and wear colorful vests.


7. You can't wear a work coat, you can't wear a dress, you don't wear a scarf, tie or jewelry, and these items can be caught in a twig.

It is strictly prohibited for the operator to press the accelerator in the condition of no load or overload of the oil saw, resulting in abnormal wear of the cylinder piston and piston ring of the oil saw engine, and even the pulling cylinder causes the oil saw to be abandoned.

The fuel mixture ratio can be adjusted properly due to the bad air tightness or wear of the piston and piston ring of the cylinder piston and the piston ring, which can be used as 20:1.
The engine oil is not thicker the better, too thick easy to produce carbon, but the cylinder piston and piston ring damaged.

Continuous use chain saw time is too long, easy to make the engine temperature is too high, suggest to use 1 hour or so, each 15 to 20 minutes, downtime or overload operation, to avoid the engine overheating caused by engine cylinder or scrapped.

Before each use chain saw to check air filter and clean the air filter cartridge, timely clean up dust and debris, found that damage to change in time, avoid caused by poor quality of air intake engine cylinder or scrapped.

As there is no special two-stroke engine lubrication system, is to rely on fuel oil in the lubricating oil, so the mixed fuel and the cheer chain saw, must assure oil clean dust-free, fuel oil tank cleaning chain saw in time before and after opening and the cover, ensure clean and dust-free;
Dust and debris into the fuel, will make the engine cylinder even scrapped.

Always check whether the guide plate is bent, whether the chain is issued, avoid the sudden stop of the engine caused by it, and lead to the cylinder;
Part of grease lubrication is recommended to use calcium base grease or high temperature grease, and ordinary car lithium base grease does not apply to oil saws.


On time according to chain saw manual instructions on replacing spark plugs, should choose high quality spark plug, inferior sparks plug is weak, the fuel the power of the deflagration is small, it is not easy to play the power of the engine, can make the combustion of fuel oil is not completely, make the cylinder produces carbon deposit, cause the cylinder and motor scrap and other accidents.

Advice to large gas stations for more than 93, or 93, gas use, private gas stations of oil does not recommend purchasing, gasoline quality is often ignored by users, inferior gasoline composition is complicated, easy to produce cylinder caused by carbon deposit.

When the work is done, for a long time without chain saw, the has not used up in the chain saw oil poured out with spare oil bottled good preservation, at the next use must be mixed evenly, add the tank.

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