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What If The Chain Is Always Loose?What Do You Do With The Chainsaw Chain?

- May 01, 2018 -

What if the chain is always loose?What do you do with the chainsaw chain?

1. How about the chain of chainsaw?

First, if you use the long time, the chain stretching, if it is, you need to cut off the chain, or change the chain.

Second, to see if the chain not pack good, all the guide wire cap unscrewing a bit, you can just press, and then adjust the brakes on the side of the screw, the tightness of screw can adjust the chain of firmness, general regulation to pull up the chain of five or six vertical cutter tooth is ok, then put the guide wire cap on tight.

Third, the chain saw chain tight method: first off, the chain saw engine behind the axis of rotation, the bearing of the fixed screw loose some, between the chain and the bearing has a regulator, can use a screwdriver to adjust.
Tighten the screws properly before fixing the screws, then remember to cover them.
It's best to find a professional to fix it.


2. What about the chain of chainsaw?

The machine is not strong enough to check the cylinder and carburetor, and lower the carburetor's speed.

First, open the safety lock, will be located in the front baffle back to joystick, heard "cob" is open, and push forward lock chain, allowing the engine and how much throttle chain did not move.

Second, the chain teeth are different from the sprocket teeth, which can not be rotated.

The third, the chain tooth and the guide rail pass tight card dead, remove the guide plate and the chain, put the chain on the guide board with the hand can pull.

If the above inspection is not good, please ask the professional help, the Showbull chainsaw provides the chainsaw maintenance and the integrated garden machinery service.

3. The chain of the chainsaw is getting tighter and tighter. What's going on?

The first is the brake, the brake pedal back hard, brake the car.
Lift the front of the baffle to the body at ease.

The second is that the chain is too tight and needs to be adjusted.
Does the starting chain tighten with the hand? If not, loosen the chain.

The third is the chain wheel problem, whether the chain is short of oil, add a certain oil to lubricate the restart.
The chain and guide board are not lubricated, and even die when serious.
It is time to change the sprocket if the oil is added.

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