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What Is The Correct Way To Use The Chain Saw And What Are The Steps?

- May 14, 2018 -

What is the correct way to use the chain saw and what are the steps?


At the end of the Spring Festival, many people have returned to work at the beginning of the Spring Festival.
Just return to work in the chain saw small make up the main today to tell you about what is the correct way of using, and what are the steps, the following is from xinji unsealed, assembly and start-up, adjustment of chain saw, as well as the operating chain saw three aspects analysis, specific as follows.

1. Opening, assembling and starting of new machine.

After the new machine is opened, check the accessories, spare parts, tools, technical data and instruction manual according to the packing list.
Assemble the parts (such as saw, etc.) according to technical data and specifications.

According to the relevant regulations of gasoline engine, prepare for starting and start gasoline engine.
3 ~ 5 minutes after starting, check for abnormal phenomenon or sound of gasoline engine.
If the technical performance is normal, you can increase the throttle, increase the speed, and drive the sawing mechanism through the transmission device to cut the operation.

2. Adjustment of chain saw.

1. Adjustment of gasoline engine.

2. Adjustment of transmission device.

It mainly includes the adjustment of clutch spring pretension and clutch centrifugal force, the adjustment of the clutch and the side clearance of the passive disc, and the adjustment of gear tooth clearance of the reducer.
For the clutch, it is mainly to adjust the tension of the spring, so that the tension of each spring is consistent;
The second is to adjust the mass of the clutch. If the weight difference exceeds the regulation value (1 g) due to uneven wear, it must be adjusted or replaced.
The adjustment of gear clearance is mainly achieved by adding and adjusting gasket.

3. Adjustment of saw-wood structure.

It mainly includes the adjustment of the chain tension and the adjustment or modification of the cutting Angle of the saw-chain.

(1) adjustment of chain tension.
The adjustment of saw chain tensioning is achieved by changing the relative position of the saw guide plate and the driving sprocket.
Adjustment of saw chain tensioning degree standard is: saw chain saw guide on free to rotate, and light up in the central guide chain saws, tooth left saw guide groove guide chain and sprocket with guide plate edge 0.5 ~ 1 mm is appropriate.

(2) serrated dressing and feeding.
The cutting edge of the blade should be cut regularly.
Adjust the tensioning of the saw chain before filing it.
Then, the saw guide plate is fixed, and the circular file with diameter of 5.5 ~ 6 mm is used, and the file is pushed according to the direction shown in FIG. 4-41a arrow.
Split the teeth and file separately.
When pushing a file, it can only be pushed forward.
The round file should be close to the edge of the blade and vertical blade, and equal to the horizontal edge.
Do not file the connection piece, and do not file the limit tooth.
The Angle of each blade should be filed at one time, and it should conform to the technical requirements stipulated in FIG. 4-41.

The blade Angle and the blade width should be the same, so as to avoid the chain running deviation.
Left and right plane spiral tooth level blade tooth line should be 1 mm overlap, plane spiral tooth addendum about the distance between the lateral (namely curf width) should be 8.1 ~ 8.7 mm, if not available around wrench clamping plane spiral gear, respectively to the left and right light.

(3) operation of oil saw.
Chain saw after the start, after 3 ~ 5 minutes of idle running or new machine after 20 ~ 30 hours of medium and small load running-in, running in good, after carefully over 50 hours technical service, can only be put in full load cutting operations.


What is the correct way to use the oil saw and what are the steps?

3. Proper use of oil saw.

1. Before use, it is necessary to carefully read the manual of the oil saw and understand the characteristics, technical performance and precautions of the oil saw.

2. The fuel tank and the fuel tank of the fuel tank shall be added before use;
Adjust the tightness of the saw chain, not too loose or too tight.

3. Before the operation, the operator should wear work clothes, helmet, protective gloves, dust-proof glasses or face shield.

4, the engine starts, the operator saw the after my right hand, left hand holding the first saw, the Angle of the machine with the ground cannot be more than 60 °, but the Angle also shoulds not be too small, otherwise it is not easy operation.

5. When cutting, you should first cut off the branches below, and then cut off the branches on the upper branches, heavy or large.

6, in order to avoid damage to the branches or saw chain is live, when saw thick branches under the branch first lateral incision saw a discharge load, which saw chain end saw an arc incision under the branches, so that the branches of the sawing the weight off.
If there is a clip saw, a wedge should be inserted between the saw blade, and then the chain is slowly drawn out.

7. When the new oil saw is in use, it must be in the middle and small load for 30 days before it can enter full load operation.

8. When using a high-branch oil saw, pay attention to the anti-skid at your feet and maintain a stable posture in the field.

9. When operating the oil saw, it is forbidden to fire fireworks, so as not to cause fire.

What is the correct way to use the oil saw and what are the steps?

4. Maintenance of oil saw.

1. Before the operation, the fuel tank and cover must be cleaned before refueling, so as to prevent the mud from entering the tank.
Gasoline is 25 to 1 oil, preferably with mixed oil.

2. Before the operation, check the lubrication degree of the saw chain. No lubrication of saw chain can work, and the use of dry saw chain can cause damage to the machine parts.

3. In the homework, it is found that the efficiency of sawing chain is low, and even when the sawing is continuous, it means that the chain is dull, and it should be stopped for maintenance, and the cutting teeth are filed.
When the file is worn, it can be used with three edges, and it can only be pushed forward and not filed back.

4. After the homework, try to clean the outside of the machine, add lubricating oil to the saw chain, and pay attention to sun protection and moisture-proof work.

5. When not in use, the engine should be fully maintained, and the oil of the engine should be exhausted. The chain and guide plate should be removed and stored in a dry and ventilated place after cleaning.

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