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What Is The Environment? What Are The Important Factors To Conserve The Environment?

- Dec 30, 2018 -

What is the environment? What are the important factors to conserve the environment?

Examples follow, many of which are homemade: hose-reel pump - water finding, saving & purifying, also water from the air - solar stills - alternative toilets like ground hole - ¼ acre edible jungle, extraordinary plants including medicinal - alternative laundry, trivial chemical-free washing up - fish dam - no ironing - solar etc hot water, bathing & cooking, Hawaiian BBQ & many stove types including my small smokeless one-stick HELIXTOVE, wick stove uses cheap diesel instead of kerosene - cheap home warming like solar-heated glass veranda - my free teen transport like dog pulling bike up hills, amazing best new budget Chinese electric 50km-range micro folding scooter, Prize homemade 25year old 1WD dual trike both solar charged at home & needing no rego, licence or insurance here on highways, human-hauled kids school bus - air crash investigations put us off flying - Methane digesters - salt water batteries, thermo electric generator works on stove when no wind, sun or hydro energy available - many 12volt appliances including our blackout kit - Hindi oil lamp - natural coolers like waterbag & country dam, what doesn’t need preserving, homemade most efficient 12 volt 2.3 watt fridge & bed warmer - best home & land design formula, cheap room space savers, eco villages & sick homes, total radiation disaster - cheap quickies for home & business - tree-less envelope, floor filing cabinet - Youngsters job bidding - Fashionomics showing non-stitch clothes with little cutting - making wines, jams, preserving fruit, champagne etc without yeast or sugar & no heat apart for some jams; yoghurt; solar food dryers, vacuum food preservers, companion planting chart - mower conversion into grass & brush cutter, scythe, spine-saving bent-handle spork, Stock & wildlife conservation, humanure officially now considered safe, multi-use food trees, organic warning, restoring timber forest with straight tall food trees - extreme winters - Farmlett Permaculture ideal, as a Pensioner, backups, living in tents, Our Good Life - WORLD VAST PLASTIC POLLUTION, recycle, reuse, restore - Our Nuclear Disaster Survival - unusual alternative energy samples - - -


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