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What Is The Low Cost Agriculture Equipment For Farmers In India?

- Dec 01, 2018 -

What is the low cost agriculture equipment for farmers in India?


Rs. 4800

Labour cost is reduced drastically. Uniformity in seed sowing and plant population. Reduction in seed rate and thinning cost. Crop matures 7-10 days earlier than transplanted paddy. Light in weight and easy to handle. An area of 1 hectare can be sown in a day Planting Paddy with Direct Paddy Seeder: KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder is an efficient and inexpensive implement for row sowing of pre-germinated paddy seed in wet land field. This is a manually pulled implement developed and certified by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India. KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder covers 8 rows of 20 cm row to row spacing at a time. This implement ensures uniform plant population throughout the field. Field Preparation:  Field must be well puddled and leveled.  Wate must be drained out atleast 24 hrs before sowing to form hardslurry pan of puddle soil.  At the time of sowing, only paper thin of water should be maintained in the puddled field.  Water should be flooded to the puddled field once in three days after sowing and drained out immediately.  This practice must be continued for 12 days. Thereafter depending upon the height of the seeding, Water should be allowed to stand in the field.


Surf 3 Pairs Rubber Hand Gloves Reusable Washing Cleaning Kitchen Garden (9 In)


Rs. 150

4 Pairs Medium Size Reusable Natural Rubber Hand Gloves Length 12", 100% Waterproof Protects against costics, detergents, acids and other household chemicals Made of natural rubber (Latex) material, reusable, washable, more durable than ordinary rubber gloves. Non-slip flock lining grip helps to hold items. Good tear and chemical resistance. Very useful product for Washing, Cleaning, Painting, Gardening and other Household or Industrial works. Applications: Food processing, Tank cleaning, Handling with acids ketone alkaline costics, dish washing, industrial & electronics jobs, gardening, light assembly


Fodder Cutter 2 Stroke Brush Cutter


Rs. 9900

High Quality Brush cutters / hand Harvester with 80 teeth Metal Blade . Our Brush cutters are manufactured for multipurpose use like crop harvesting i.e Rice & Wheat Harvesting etc. Features: 1. Easy to Start 2. Fuel saving and durable 3. Competitive Price 4. Handle position can be adjustable 5. Carrying type: Single Side Shoulder Holding strap 6. The working pole is polished. 7. Suitable for cutting Wheat, Rice, Shrub, Grass etc. Technical Specifications: Brand: laxmi , Engine Type: Single Cylinder,Air-cooling,2-stroke Displacement: 52cc Fuel mixing ratio: Gasoline 25: TOTAL WEIGHT 9.25KG OF COMPLEAT WEIGHT OF COMPLETE MACHINE WITH BOX 11.6KG (All spare parts are available for after sales support) In Packing Box: 1). Engine 1 Piece 2). Connecting Rod (Pole) 1 Piece 3). Special Quality Shoulder Strap Belt 1 Piece 4). Tool Kit & Other Standard Accessories 5). Metal Blade 80teeth (Multipurpose Cutter) 2Piece 6).spark plug extra

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