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What's Wrong With The Chain Saw?

- May 19, 2018 -

What's wrong with the chain saw?


Chain saw is an internal combustion engine, and combustion requires three conditions: oxygen, combustion, and certain heat.
The three conditional chain saws can be delivered.

Oxygen: when the chain saw cooler, it needs to close the damper, which is to pull out the air door and push the machine forward.
You also need to check if the cylinder is flooded, remove the spark plug and check if there is a lot of fuel in the cylinder.
If there is too much fuel, there is no air in the cylinder, so the machine will not be able to send it.
You can turn the chain saw upside down and clean up the fuel inside the cylinder.

Combustor: your machine's combustor is the fuel in your tank.
You need to check if the carburetor is available.
Is the oil road unobstructed?

Certain heat: refers to the ignition system of the chain saw.
Need to put the spark plug after removed from the cylinder on the ignition line, screw tooth part contact of the spark plug to you after the metal part of the machine body pull starter, the spark plug is normal.

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