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Why Do Logging Chainsaws Require A Mixture Of Gasoline And Oil To Be Used

- May 12, 2018 -

Why do logging chainsaws require a mixture of gasoline and oil to be used

Because chainsaws in most cases require handheld operations, most engines of chainsaws require high power and not too much weight to facilitate handheld operations. So most chainsaws use two-stroke engines as their power systems.  Compared with other types of engine, two-stroke engine has the advantages of light weight, large power, simple structure, strong, reliable and durable, so it becomes the first choice of hand-held wood-cutting saw power.  However, because of its own design structure, the two-stroke engine is characterized by "mixed lubrication" in the engine. The two-stroke engine oil is added to gasoline and burned in the engine. Lubrication of engine cylinder block ("working principle of two-stroke engine") is no longer described here, so a certain amount of special two-stroke engine oil must be added to the combustion gasoline to keep the engine running normally. (the amount added is specified in the instructions for each two-stroke engine)


 I. introduction to the source of logging saws:  Legend has it that Luban invented the saw because he was inspired by a blade of grass. It is said that July 12, 2007, is Lu Ban's 2514 birthday, so the invention of saw less than 2500 years ago? But according to archaeological findings, saws were invented much longer than that. 

Second, logging saw parameters:  Engine form: single cylinder air-cooled two stroke (single cylinder gasoline engine) maximum cutting length: 550mm  Rated output power: 2KW engine displacement: 52cc  Oil / gasoline ratio: 1: 25  Engine idle: 2800r.min  Maximum engine speed: 9000rr / min  Fuel consumption ≤ 680g  Fuel tank volume: 550ml  Tank volume: 260ml  Gross weight of whole machine: 8.5kg  Packing size: 485 × 260 × 305mm  Chain saw lubrication: adjustable automatic pump oil.


 Third, general malfunction treatment of logging saw:  If the saw appears refueling flameout, the work is not so energetic, heating machine overheating phenomenon, is generally filter problem. So before the work, need to check the filter, clean and qualified filter for sunlight observation, should be thorough, bright, otherwise is not qualified. When the filter of chainsaw is not clean, use hot soapy water to wash and dry. Clean filters can ensure the normal use of chainsaws.  Logging saw, hand cutting saw, when the saw teeth of a chainsaw become not sharp, a special file can be used to trim the teeth of the chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw teeth. At this time, we should pay attention to the use of a file, along the direction of the teeth, can not be reversed, at the same time the file and saw chain angle should not be too large, 30 degrees is appropriate.  Before using the chainsaw, the chained oil of the chainsaw should be added. The advantage of this is that it can provide lubrication for the chainsaw, reduce the friction heat between the chain and the guide plate of the chainsaw, and protect the chainsaw chain as well as the chainsaw chain. Avoid premature scrapping.  When the chainsaw is finished, the chainsaw must also be maintained, so that the next time the chainsaw can be used to ensure efficiency. The first is to remove the oil intake hole at the root of the guide plate and the impurity in the guide groove to ensure the smooth flow of the oil inlet hole.

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