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Yubei District Moraine Town To Carry Out Forest Emergency Drill

- Jun 18, 2018 -

Yubei District moraine town to carry out forest emergency drill


China as our June 12, 10 17 points when the reporter learns from chongqing yubei district people's government network, recently, yubei district moraine town forest rescue and emergency exercise activities, through the practice to further improve los moraine town forest fire prevention headquarters blazes skills and emergency fire fighting ability.

"A forest fire has broken out in aoki village.
At 10.30 a.m., forest patrol officers from group 3, qingmu village, luoqizhen, sent fire reports to the town duty room.

Upon receiving the report, the general commander of lotengqi town quickly got to know the situation and issued an order: to immediately send someone to the site to check the fire situation and start the emergency plan.
Ten minutes later, the leading group of forest emergency drill in lotaine town arrived at the site of forest drill of group 3 in aoki.
Due to the large fire, field personnel report to the town government to mobilize personnel reinforcement.
Town militia commander after receiving report, and command organization emergency teams and town authorities emergency teams immediately set on standby, and inform the town pump team, fire extinguisher, chain saw, logistics BaoZhangDui each emergency team with team ready.

At the command of the general director of the drill, all emergency teams quickly organized personnel, counted the number of people, and took rescue materials and tools to the scene to carry out rescue.
After more than ten minutes of emergency rescue, the forest fire was put out successfully.
After the fire was put out, all the staff inspected the site carefully, and each fire spot was left behind to guard the remaining fire, clean up the fire field, and evacuate the site in an orderly manner according to the general command.


"The forest rescue and emergency drill was very successful. The teams were very active and the fire was quickly brought under control and the desired effect was achieved."
After the rehearsal, everyone was satisfied with their performance.

Quote from:http://say.cqnews.net/

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