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12th Asian Forestry Equipment

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12th Asian Forestry Equipment, Garden Machinery And Gardening Tools Exhibition

Grasping the business opportunities, the 12th Asian Forestry Equipment, Garden machinery and gardening tools Exhibition was held in Guangzhou in August.

As the industry's leading professional exhibitions, Asia equipment, garden machinery, forestry and gardening tools exhibition (formerly the 12th guangzhou garden machinery and garden tools exhibition) 12 years has been working hard to build a global presence, cutting-edge industry information platform for the professional, help enterprise progress, promote the continuous development of industry.This year, as the "first exhibition after the Epidemic" of the garden machinery industry, the Asian Forestry Equipment, Garden machinery and garden Tools Exhibition will be grandly opened in Zone B of guangzhou Canton Fair from August 3 to 5, bringing the industry and the market the first powerful sound!

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Relative to Europe and the United States is given priority to with household consumption, household consumption of garden machinery market in China has been a part of less, account for the bulk of garden machinery market consumption is garden maintenance, bureau of parks and woods, municipal virescence, property management, farm units, government agencies, schools, departments, requirements of product type and quantity are fixed.However, in recent years, China has been carrying out afforestation, grass conservation, urban ecological greening and other policies. As the "rigid demand" in afforestation, landscaping project, landscaping maintenance, seedling planting, the market demand for garden machinery is also increasing year by year.At the same time, in the field of degraded grassland improvement and artificial grass planting, the supply of advanced equipment is obviously insufficient, and garden machinery enterprises can give play to their advantages, seriously investigate the demand, and develop and build new market growth points.

Products covering the whole industrial chain, such as tree excavators, mowers, branch shredders, shredders, lawn machines, chainsaws, land cleaning machines, water-saving irrigation, irrigation equipment, handicraft scissors, hedge scissors, electric scissors, gardening tools, spare parts and equipment, will also be exhibited in this exhibition, providing one-stop exhibition and purchasing experience for the industry.


 The nearly hundred famous brand enterprises at present, the organizing committee also invited Steele, animal husbandry field, maggic, Atlantis, gree, forever beautiful, the Yangtze river, qiao force, and many other industry brands become Asia equipment, garden machinery, forestry and gardening tools show distinguished expert consultants, for exhibition audience with the latest technology products at the same time, provide the forefront of the trend of industry policy interpretation, allows businesses to gain a better understanding of industry trends, to better clear industry development direction.


Mutually beneficial and win-win, better service to the industry, has always been the organizing committee with Asia equipment, garden machinery, forestry and gardening tools show the core idea, and in order to better help outbreak of foreign trade enterprises to break the blockade in contact with the international market and help overseas buyers more convenient and quick to buy into domestic high quality products, the organizing committee specially organized "foreign buyers online docking", show the premise before apply for appointments, the scene will have someone to help enterprises with overseas buyers video docking discussion.At present, buyers from Arabia, France, Egypt, UNITED Arab Emirates, Romania, Mexico, Vietnam and other countries have submitted reservation applications, so as to grasp the great opportunity of developing foreign markets!


The 2020 Asia Exhibition on Forestry Equipment, Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools is about to open, and the year 2020 will be half over. How can we seize the opportunity to restart the market after the epidemic, explore new markets, and develop new technologies and businesses in a short time!

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