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Baojin Expressway Successfully

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Baojin Expressway Successfully Developed A Special Lawn Mower For The Central Isolation Belt

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Yan Zhao Evening news (rong media reporter Shi Xiaoya) after exploration and research, baojin high-speed "Kang Jian road maintenance innovation studio", the successful development of the central belt garbage weed cleaning equipment and put into use, Baojin high-speed greening maintenance work to add a new tool.

The increasing traffic flow of Baojin expressway has brought great difficulties to the greening and maintenance of the central separation zone.In the daily greening and maintenance work, watering and pruning have been completed by mechanical equipment, while garbage and weeds cleaning can only be completed manually.This work brings three disadvantages: dangerous working environment, high working cost and low working efficiency, which increases the cost of daily greening and maintenance of Baojin expressway.

Protection high-speed "kang jian road maintenance innovation studio", from hanging and folding arm can solve, power station, the blade, blade, blade fixed plate and obstacle avoidance device, after a year constantly test and improve, implement special lawn mower pieces of grass and grass, anti-collision, cleaning, obstacle avoidance five functions, finally successfully develop median for lawn mower.After two months of trial, the special lawn mower initially overcame the difficulty of mechanized weed cleaning in the central isolation zone, and improved the efficiency of daily greening and maintenance.

The trial results show that the cleaning speed of the special lawn mower with central separation belt can reach 8-10 kilometers per hour, saving labor cost and reducing labor risk.According to statistics, in 2019, the environmental treatment cost of the highway area of Bazhou District of Baojin Expressway is about 1.14 million yuan, and it is expected that the special lawn mower for the central divider will reduce the greening and maintenance cost by about 30%, equivalent to about 380,000 yuan.

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