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Chain Gauge And Pitch

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Chain Gauge And Pitch

What is Chain Gauge?

Chain Gauge is the Drive Link's thickness where it fits into the guide bar groove, matching the guide bar gauge. The gauge of the chain and the gauge of the bar must match. Oregon has several gauges of saw chain, .043”, .050", .058” and .063". Normal wear can make it difficult to accurately measure chain gauge on a worn chain. Always order by the number stamped on the drive link of your old chain to assure correct gauge. See the chain-pitch-and-gauge chart below.




What is Chain Pitch?

Chain Pitch is the size of the chain, and is defined as the distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two. Oregon chain is made in several pitches - 1/4" is the smallest, 3/8" is the most popular, .404" is the largest hand-held chain.

Pitch is important because the drive sprocket must be the same pitch as the chain, and if applicable, the bar nose sprocket. An easy way to determine the pitch of your chain is to look at the number stamped on the drive link. See the chain-pitch-and-gauge chart below.



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