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Check the chainsaw before and after using

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Check the chainsaw before and after using

1.Need always check the tension of the saw chain. Turn off the engine and adjust it. When adjust chain,need to wear protective gloves.

2. The chain must always have a small amount of oil spillage. Check the lubrication degree of the lubricating oil tank and chain every time. The chain that has not been lubricated cannot work, if so, the cutting device will be damaged.

3. It is not advisable to use old lubricating oil. This kind of lubricating oil can not meet the demand of the chain.

4. If the oil volume in the lubricating oil tank is not enough, faults may occur during the delivery process. Therefore, check the chain lubrication and oil path. Clean the lubricating oil filter screen connected to the oil tank and pump in time.

5. After the new chain is replaced, the saw chain shall be run in for 3-4 minutes. Then check the tension of the chain and readjust it if it fails. Chains that have been used for a period of time are easier to tension.

6. The chain shall be loosened after the work is completed. The cooling chain will shrink. If the chain is not loosened, the crankshaft and bearing may be damaged.

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