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High Power Efficient China Products/Suppliers Agricultural Farming Machine Rotary Tiller

  • T500


Tiller Model 720 engine
1.Strength power with maximum 2.5KW and big torque 3.1 Nm
2.Casting cylinder is much more durable, twice more service usage time than other type cylinders. It can bear high speed and big power strike. The high speed can reach to 11000rpm.
3.Super easy start system: machine can be started in ease and less labor.
4.Reasonable and scientific inlet air design ensure plenty of air existing at one time to cool down the highly effective operative engine's temperature. The speed of cool wind can reach to 15 meters per second.
5.Tiller720 engine can be equipped with kinds of machine heads, such as  pump, brush cutter, cleaning saw, earth auger and tiller.
6.Two hole oil bubble has excellent sealing performance to avoid oil leak.

7.Powder metallurgy clutch system is durable, which can also highly transmit power and torque.
8.Four excellent damper system throughout the whole machine is made of good quality anti-vibration rubber, which is durable and anti-vibration.
9.Paper air filter has a good filtration effect.
10.The weight of the engine only 4kg is exceeding similar performance power reaching to 4.8KG.
11. Compact appearance design together with shining, top one-class plastic.

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