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Model                                                       IA460
Engine1P72F   OHVPower



Displacement224ccStatr  systemRecoil  systemDriver  systemSelf  propelled

Speed  forward max

0.8m/sSpeed  forward min0.5m/s

Method  of  fuel


Carburetor  supplyBlade  length46cmBlade  material steel

Cutting  height


7.5cmCutting  height  min2.5cmRotation  wayanticlockwise
Drive  wheelRearWheel  size  front20cmWheel  size  rear28cm
Wheelbase57cmFuel  capacity1.3LOil  capacity0.6L

1.Self-propelled, rear wheel drive machine ensure its operation not to keep in the same places in long time. It will increasing efficienty, save at least 30 percent, even reach to 50 percent.

2.The whole appearance design of the machine is delicate and excellent. It’s easier to maintain.

3.A folding and adjustment handle system can save much more space and it can be easily storage and transportation.

4.High strength alloy blades or rotating blades are durable and last for 90 hours continuous work. Long time not to replace the blades.

5.Excellent engine performance with maximum power 4.2kw, low noise, low emission and the temperature is not much too hot.

6.Steel shield can limit cutting objects left in cutting radium areas to avoid spreading to other areas.

7.Excellent cross climbing capacity with the maximum grade angle to 45 degree can apply for complex circumstance, such as the rugged brushwood, lawn and mountains.

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