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Maintenance And Logging Skills Of Chainsaws

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Maintenance And Logging Skills Of Chainsaws

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Maintenance of chainsaws

1. Before operation, when adding fuel, the tank mouth and cover must be cleaned before refueling to prevent mud and sand from entering the tank.

The ratio of gasoline to oil is 25 to 1.

2, before the operation, should check the degree of lubrication of the saw chain, the saw chain can not work without lubrication, dry saw chain into use will lead to damage.

3. During the operation, it was found that the chain saw was inefficient, and even saw branches constantly, indicating that the chain saw was blunt and should be stopped for maintenance, and the cutting teeth should be filed.

Three edge file can be used when file, file serrated teeth can only be forced forward, do not file back.

4, after the operation, to wipe clean the outside of the machine, add lubricating oil to the saw chain, at the same time pay attention to the sun, moisture-proof work.

5. When not in use, the engine should be fully maintained. Exhaust the engine oil, remove the saw chain and guide plate and store them in a dry and ventilated place for safekeeping.


The cutting skill of a chainsaw

Pay attention to some logging skills in the sawing, can be better, more efficient and effective to complete the operation.

When using a chainsaw, be sure to grasp the chainsaw with both hands, and grasp the handle behind with the right hand, even if the left-handed person should do so. At the beginning of the operation, the throttle of the chainsaw should be opened to the maximum, followed by the clamp.

It is very important to clamp tightly, otherwise the saw will pull you forward.

Always pay attention to the surrounding environment, calm and sober work;

When working on a slope, users must stand on the upper or side of a tree trunk.

Pay attention to the rolling of trees and avoid tripping over stumps, branches and ditches. When sawing trees with debris, pay attention to the danger of wood chips that split with the sawing;

Special attention should be paid to the spontaneous combustion of trees inclined direction, branches particularly lush, pay attention to the wind direction and wind, the wind is too strong do not cut wood;

Work must be done at a distance of two and a half times the length of the cut tree, so that logging does not endanger the safety of others.

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