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Notes of brush cutter

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Notes of brush cutter

Before using the brush cutter

Before using the brush cutter, the sundries in the mowing area must be removed to avoid damaging the grass head or the machine. When starting the engine in cold state, close the air valve first, and then open the air valve timely after starting. If the turf area is too large, the continuous working time of the mower should not be too long. It is better not to exceed 6 hours in winter and 3 hours in summer.

After the brush cutter is used

After the brush cutter is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and all the screws should be checked for tightness, the blade should be checked for defects, the high-pressure cap should be repaired, and the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts should be strengthened according to the service life of the mower.

engine oil

Before using the brush cutter every time, check the oil level to see if it is in front of the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick. The engine oil shall be replaced after 5 hours of use, and the engine oil shall be replaced again after 10 hours of use. In the future, the engine oil shall be replaced regularly according to the instructions. Change the engine oil when the engine is hot. Do not add too much oil, or there will be: black smoke, insufficient power (too much carbon in the cylinder, small spark plug gap), engine overheating, etc. Do not add too little oil, or the engine will be seriously damaged due to loud noise of the engine gear, accelerated wear and damage of the piston ring cylinder, or even cylinder pulling.


The main function of muffler is to eliminate noise and dissipate heat. When the brush cutter is working, the flying grass dust will attach to the muffler, which will affect its heat dissipation function. In serious cases, it will cause cylinder pulling and damage the engine. Therefore, after each use of the brush cutter, the debris on the muffler should be carefully cleaned.

Maintenance of carburetor

Every time gasoline is added, it should be filtered by a filter screen, and should not be put in the fuel tank for a long time. The carburetor should be cleaned with a special detergent for the carburetor. The cleaning cycle depends on the degree of dirt in the carburetor. If the carburetor fails and the engine cannot be started or the engine shuts down immediately after starting, it should be cleaned.

Maintenance of air filter element

The air filter element is used to prevent dust and sundries from entering the cylinder block, so as to avoid premature wear of machine parts caused by dust entering the cylinder block. It should be cleaned frequently and replaced regularly. When the machine is used, the dust in the pump will be deposited on the air filter element, which will reduce the air intake and increase the combustion mixing ratio, resulting in incomplete combustion and power reduction. If the machine is operated for a long time, it will produce carbon deposits, which will aggravate the wear between the cylinder block pistons. If the carbon deposits fall into the cylinder block, it will cause cylinder pulling and loss of machine power. Clean and replace the air filter element in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, the outer wall of the machine cylinder should also be cleaned frequently to ensure its heat dissipation effect, otherwise it will also aggravate the wear of the machine.

When stored for at least 30 days:

1. Drain the fuel in the fuel tank and stop the engine until it runs out of fuel.

2. When the engine is just stopped, drain off the engine oil in the crankcase, and then add new engine oil to the appropriate scale.

3. Remove the spark plug, drop 5-10ml engine oil into the cylinder block, rotate the crankshaft for several turns, and install the spark plug.

4. Clean the dust and debris around the blade, body, cylinder body, cylinder head radiator, air guide cover, mesh cover and muffler.

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