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Response To Typhoon

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Response To Typhoon, Taizhou Showbull Garden Machinery Co., LTD. In Action

Response to typhoon "liqima" , Taizhou Showbull Garden Machinery Co., LTD. In action


Affected by the ninth powerful typhoon this year, "liqima", since August 9, wenling city, taizhou, a large range of continuous rainfall, causing the city in part of the national highway serious water, trees fell.In recent days, the wenling municipal government immediately started the emergency plan, and quickly took action to strengthen the emergency measures to do a good job in typhoon response.Under the leading call of the government, we also take advantage of the functional advantages of our garden products to support the cleaning and restoration of various roads.


For doing a powerful typhoon aftermath of restoration, wenling city government formulate perfect highway flood control and emergency repair plan, set up emergency response teams, make clear unit for road repair, head of the first, emergency disposal and site meeting for many times, the deployment team members of division of labor in packages to provincial trunk highways, maintenance, road full combat readiness state of emergency, emergency center, the key sections of intensify patrols, prepare emergency rescue supplies, once in an emergency, immediately organize the department of personnel rushed to the scene for rescue and bao chang road work.

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