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The Use Of Chainsaws

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The Use Of Chainsaws

A hacksaw is a garden machine which uses a gasoline engine to drive a mechanical saw to cut branches. It is easy to carry and can be used by hand. When the fuel tank is full of gasoline, it can be used everywhere.

Mainly used for new landscaping planting site saw more than 8 cm in diameter of the Joe, tree irrigation, can also be built in the landscaping trees in the branches, tending operation.


Proper use of chainsaws

1. Carefully read the operation manual of the chainsaw before use to understand the characteristics, technical performance and matters needing attention of the chainsaw.

2. Add enough fuel to the fuel tank and fuel tank before use;

Adjust the tightness of the chain, not too loose and not too tight.

3. Before the operation, the operator should wear work clothes, helmet, labor gloves, dust glasses or face shield.

4, the engine starts, the operator saw the after my right hand, left hand holding the first saw, the Angle of the machine with the ground cannot be more than 60 °, but the Angle also shoulds not be too small, otherwise it is not easy operation.

5, cutting, should first saw the following branches, after the saw above branches, heavy or large branches to segmentation cutting.

6. In order to avoid damaging branches or the saw chain is clamped, when sawing thick branches, first saw a unloading incision on the lower side of the branch, namely saw the end of the chain to cut an arc incision under the branch, so that the branch can be cut off by self-weight.

If there is a saw, it should be to the middle of the saw saw tip wedge, and then slowly take out the chain saw.

7. When the new saw is used, it must be run in with medium and small loads for 30 days before it can enter the full load operation.

8. When using high-branch hacksaw, please pay attention to the skid resistance at the foot and maintain a stable posture in site operation.

9. When operating a chainsaw, fireworks are strictly prohibited to avoid fire.


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